Vyve Broadband Service Interruptions In Marble Falls Area

Vyve Broadband Service Interruptions In Marble Falls Area

Vyve Broadband Service Interruptions In Marble Falls Area 150 150 Vyve Broadband

MARBLE FALLS – December 9, 2022 – Vyve Broadband systems in Marble Falls, Ballinger, Burnet, Cottonwood Shores, Granite Shoals, Horseshoe Bay, Kingsland, Stephenville & Winters, TX, had service interruptions that started around 1:50 PM on Thursday, December 8, 2022. Vyve’s third-party backhaul provider, Fiberlight, experienced two different fiber cuts along their redundant and diverse network paths on the western route in Springtown, TX, and the eastern route near Houston, TX. The redundancy is designed to failover in a disruption from one route to the other. Fiberlights’ NOC (Network Operation Center) reported the disruption to Vyve’s NOC, and a remedy was started ASAP.

Vyve’s team drove the routes to detect the cuts and provide assistance. Vyve’s engineers also configured alternate solutions to provide restoration options and deployed a solution after four hours that allowed Vyve to restore service to the fiber-based business customers in the Marble Falls area. By 6:00 PM, Vyve restored approximately 4000 residential and commercial business cable modem customers in the same area.

Multiple Fiberlight restoration technicians arrived at the Springtown location around 6:30 PM. They uncovered that an underground construction crew had severed their underground fiber optic lines in two places about 500′ apart. The Fiberlight cables were located and flagged to prevent this sort of incident. Fiberlight restoration crews dug up both cut locations and began fusion splicing at both cut locations.

Fiberlight restoration crews arrived at the site of the Houston route cut at 9:35 PM and began restoration activity.

At 10:30 PM, Vyve’s service began to be restored and there was full recovery by 11:23 PM. Vyve has made significant investments in our network, and we invest heavily to provide redundant and diverse paths to major data centers. The likelihood of separate disruptions in two locations along diverse routes is extremely rare. However, we have experienced this twice in Marble Falls within the past year. As a result, Vyve will invest in a 3rd redundant and diverse circuit to Marble Falls. We are committed to being our communities’ most reliable internet service provider.

Vyve wants to thank customers for their patience and all the employees who have worked tirelessly to resolve this issue.