Power your whole-home with an eero Mesh WiFi network!

The perfect addition to your Vyve Broadband internet service.

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What is eero Mesh WiFi? It’s the private, secure wireless home network you’ve been waiting for.

Have you ever had your favorite show freeze on your tablet just because you moved from your living room to your second-floor bedroom? If so, you need eero Mesh WiFi. It’s a mesh network that enables multiple eero routers to work in unison to improve your WiFi network’s range, speed, and stability.

Laptops, tablets, phones, doorbells, and thermostats, oh my!

Every device wants to be online these days. No problem. With speeds up to 960Mbps, every gadget you have will have a fast, smooth connection to the Internet.

Man sitting on couch looking at doorbell video feed on his phone

Setup is a breeze.

Simply plug in your eero into your existing modem and the eero app guides you through setting up your network and additional eero devices. Create user profiles and assign specific devices to them. Set schedules, pause internet access, and apply specific content filters. Allow guests to join your home network in seconds while they visit.

eero Plus mobile app screenshots showing activity, scans, data usage and more

Safeguards are built right in.

Safeguard your wireless network with eero Secure+. It provides advanced encryption and security with access to top-rated security apps.

Family sitting around a TV each on their won devices

Get an eero Mesh WiFi network—perfect for every home, condo, apartment, and office.

The secret is in the TrueMesh.

eero’s TrueMesh technology adapts to your family’s internet usage and needs to maximize your connection. Enjoy a reliable connection throughout your home (and yard!) for those video calls, gaming sessions, movie nights, and playoff games.

  • Control: The eero app lets you customize your experience.
  • Secure: Check out who’s online and how much data has been used.
  • Smart: Manage schedules, device profiles, and network access.
  • Welcoming: Grant access to your visiting friends and family.

The eero Mesh network is just one more example of Vyve bringing you the best of the Internet.

eero Pro 6