Vyve Broadband Powers Local Businesses

Vyve Broadband Powers Local Businesses

Vyve Broadband Powers Local Businesses 150 150 Vyve Broadband

Vyve Broadband Powers Local Businesses

Vyve Broadband Offers 250 Megabit-per-second Commercial Internet Speeds to Businesses in Nearly 100 Rural Markets Across Six States

Businesses in nearly 100 communities are experiencing a significant boost in their Internet capabilities, with the addition of a blazing fast 250 Mbps Internet service from Vyve Broadband. For most, this is the fastest speed offered in their area, as Vyve has focused on bringing world-class broadband Internet service to rural communities.

Vyve Broadband continues to deliver on their goal to bring next-generation technology services to non-urban areas. Believing that customers in rural areas deserve the best in broadbad, cable, voice and fiber-connectivity, just as their more urban neighbors experience, Vyve has gone on to invest millions in rural communities across eight states.

“We are so excited about the work we’re doing for both our residential and commercial business customers in Vyve communities. But this 250 Mbps service for businesses feels really special for us. Vyve is committed to helping power the businesses that are powering the economy of these small towns and communities,” said Jeffrey DeMond, Chief Executive Officer for Vyve Broadband.

Knowing that local businesses have many unique needs, from multiple users in an office network to the many needs in retail, 250 Mbps service is an exclusive speed for businesses in addition to the enhanced speeds Vyve already offers through their custom fiber business product. But Vyve doesn’t plan to slow down their efforts to bring enhanced technology and faster speeds. They are already offering ‘Vyve Gig’ (1,000 Megabits) in select markets and testing many more.

“It’s clear that the online technology, information and entertainment landscape is evolving on an almost daily basis. What’s incredibly fast today will be the norm tomorrow,” DeMond says. “Vyve is building the network now that our customers will want and demand in the future.”