Vyve Broadband Aims to Make Community Kindness A Key Service Offering

Vyve Broadband Aims to Make Community Kindness A Key Service Offering

Vyve Broadband Aims to Make Community Kindness A Key Service Offering 150 150 Vyve Broadband

Vyve Broadband Aims to Make Community Kindness A Key Service Offering

“Random Acts of Vyveness” Connects Vyve Employees with Community Needs

Communities across eight states are starting to notice a little more kindness in their every day, as Vyve Broadband commits to spreading cheer through a new initiative called “Random Acts of Vyveness”.

Vyve’s goal is not only to bring next-generation technology services to non-urban areas, but also provide a commitment to community that can only come from living local. As a technology provider, Vyve is in the critical position of connecting neighbors and businesses to each other and the outside world. That’s why Vyve has made it a core principle to give back to the markets they serve.

“As a company, we really feel like we’re powering the community. We’re in the schools, local businesses, neighborhoods, city hall – our goal is to offer the best service for everyone in the community to connect and thrive,” said Diane Quennoz, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience at Vyve.

Vyve’s commitment to rural communities starts with employing locally to offer the best and fastest service to business and residential customers. Vyve sales reps, installers, and tech support are all in unique positions of being neighbors in the communities they serve. They often see or hear of needs around town.

Vyve created “Random Acts of Vyveness” to encourage these employees across their service areas to identify opportunities to go above and beyond to make someone’s day – it’s what good neighbors do.

“Every day we are out and about, implementing Vyve service and getting to know more about our neighbors.  We see so many opportunities for Vyve to create a little more kindness in the community. Whether it’s a school need, serving the seniors, supporting a hometown team, or even just a kind word, we’re looking for every opportunity to give back. That has become one of our guiding principles – to make kindness a key service offering,” said Quennoz.

Vyve is also looking to create acts of kindness in the form of fun activities to bring the community together. One of the first official “acts” took place in Shawnee, OK by welcoming the entire community to meet Vyve outside of the Shawnee Splash Waterpark for free snow cones, prizes, and family fun activites. Over 500 snow cones were given out at the event, with yellow-clad volunteers around to meet their neighbors.

Similar events are planned in other Vyve communities, as well as the Vyve’s ongoing commitment to school programs including Teacher of the Month and Friday Night Vyve Player of the Week, honoring local student athletes. They will also soon launch their 3rd Annual Create Our Christmas Card Art Contest with local schools, and support students who participate in the C-SPAN Student Cam contest.

To kick-off the school year and support its “Random Acts of Vyveness”, Vyve area managers visited local schools across their core service areas, delivering coffee and donuts to teachers lounges. Many Random Acts of Vyveness are being shared on Vyve’s Facebook page, like technician Johnnie who recently made one customer’s day by washing her dog after it had escaped the yard – moments like these happen often at Vyve because employees are naturally connected to their neighbors.

“Having the best possible product for our customers is our top priority, but we want to show our communities that our investment goes beyond technology. Vyve truly cares about where they live and work, and we’re proud to be a part of their growth,” said Vyve CEO Jeffrey DeMond.