E911 Label

Print new Vyve Broadband 911 labels.

E911 service works the same as 911. The number for dialing emergency services is still 9-1-1. If you have E911, when you dial 911 your phone number and location are automatically sent to the 911 operator during the call. Vyve Broadband provides E911 only in areas where E911 is available.

However, you should be aware that:

  • VoIP services use the electrical power and Internet access in your home. You may not be able to make 911 calls, or rely on communication to and from non-voice communications equipment (including security systems), if there is a power outage, we experience network or technical problems, the Internet connection becomes overloaded, you use a non-native phone number or your Internet service is suspended, terminated or fails.
  • A backup battery may provide power for only a limited time and its performance is not guaranteed. If a backup battery is exhausted, VoIP services will not function until normal power is restored. Your VoIP services equipment may not have a battery backup or another power source of its own.
  • A correct service address is needed to deliver your proper location information to a 911 operator so you should provide your accurate physical address to us to ensure that emergency services can quickly be dispatched to your location.
  • You should promptly call 1.855.FOR.VYVE to update your address information in the event of a change. The update may take several business days to become effective.
  • If you move your VoIP modem to a location other than the service location specified when you ordered the service, and have not updated your location with Vyve Broadband, calls to 911 may be directed to the wrong emergency authorities, or the wrong address may be transmitted with your E911 call.
  • When a 911 call is placed, you may need to instruct the operator of your location. E911 capabilities are dependent on E911 service being publicly available in your area.
  • You should inform children, babysitters and visitors about your VoIP phone service and potential 911 limitations.
  • VoIP 911 calls may not connect to a public safety answering point, or may improperly ring to the administrative line of the public safety answering point, which may not be staffed after hours or by trained 911 operators.
  • VoIP calls may correctly connect to the public safety answering point, but not automatically transmit your number and/or location information.

For your safety, we ask that you place an E911 Service label on or near your Vyve Broadband-provided VoIP modem. The following label templates make it easy to print labels for your phones. To use the templates follow these steps:

Step 1:

Purchase either Avery ID or Avery Shipping size label templates from an office supply store.

Avery ID (2″ x 2 5/8″; 15 per sheet):
Labels are compatible with label templates 6572, 6578, 6581

Avery Shipping (2″ x 4″; 10 per sheet):
Labels are compatible with label templates 18163, 48163, 48263, 5163, 5263, 55163, 58163, 5963, 8163, 8363, 8463.

Step 2:

From the list below, select the appropriate label size template.

Vyve Broadband Voice Avery ID Label (PDF)
Vyve Broadband Voice Avery Shipping Label (PDF)

Step 3:

Load the label sheet into your printer.

Step 4:

Open the E911 template and print directly onto the label sheet.

If you are unable to print the labels at home, you can stop by your local office to pick one up or contact us at 1.855.FOR.VYVE and a Vyve Broadband customer service specialist will send pre-printed labels to you.